TNY266PN Power Management IC, Low Power Off Line Switcher, 265 VAC, DIP-7

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POWER INTEGRATIONS  TNY266PN  Power Management IC, Low Power Off Line Switcher, 265 VAC, DIP-7


The TNY266PN integrates a 700V power MOSFET, oscillator, high voltage switched current source, current limit and thermal shutdown circuitry onto a monolithic device. The start up and operating power are derived directly from the voltage on the DRAIN pin, eliminating the need for a bias winding and associated circuitry. In addition, the TNY266PN incorporates auto-restart, line undervoltage sense, and frequency jittering. An innovative design minimises audio frequency components in the simple ON/OFF control scheme to practically eliminate audible noise with standard taped/varnished transformer construction. The fully integrated auto-restart circuit safely limits output power during fault conditions such as output short circuit or open loop, reducing component count and secondary feedback circuitry cost.

  • Fully integrated auto-restart for short circuit and open loop fault protection

  • Built in circuitry practically eliminates audible noise with ordinary dip-varnished transformer

  • Programmable line under voltage detect feature prevents power on/off glitches

  • Frequency jittering dramatically reduces EMI (~10dB)

  • 132kHz operation reduces transformer size

  • Very tight tolerances and negligible temperature variation on key parameters

  • Low component count switcher solution

  • Simple ON/OFF control - no loop compensation needed

  • No bias winding

  • Simple design practically eliminates rework in manufacturing

  • No load consumption <50mW with bias winding and <250mW without bias winding at 265VAC input

  • High bandwidth provides fast turn on with no overshoot

  • Current limit operation rejects line frequency ripple

  • Built in current limit and thermal protection improves safety


Supply Voltage:265VAC

No. of Regulated Outputs:1

Digital IC Case:DIP

No. of Pins:7Pins

Operating Temperature Min:-40°C

Operating Temperature Max:150°C




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