Epcos B82144A LBC Series Axial Inductors 470uH

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EPCOS 470 μH ±5% Ferrite Leaded Inductor, Max SRF:1.5MHz, Q:40, 280mA Idc, 2.5Ω Rdc LBC

Epcos B82144A LBC series RF chokes are suitable for use in telecommunications (12- or16-kHZ blocking filter), automotive electronics, energy saving lamps and entertainment electronics. They can also be used for RF blocking and filtering and decoupling and interference suppression. These inductors consist of a large ferrite drum core with enamel copper wire winding and a flame retardant lacquer coating.

High rated current
Suitable for wave soldering
Very wide inductance range
Terminals are electroplated with nickel and pure tin
Inductance indicated by colour bands in accordance with IEC 62 (μH)

LR Measuring Frequency

1MHz (L≤10μH)
100kHz (10μH L≤4.7mH)

Rated Current IR

Max. Permissible,
Referred to TA40°C

Inductance Decrease

<10% at IR at TA20°C

d.c. Resistance Rmax

Measured at TA=20°C

IEC Climatic Category



>90% Wetting (235°C, 2s)

Heat Resistance for Soldering

260°C, 10s

Tensile Strength of Leads

>20N (Ua test, IEC 68-2-21)

Lead Dimensions (mm)

Length 33, Ø 0.63

Body Dimensions (mm)

Length 12, Ø 5.2

Operating Temperature Range

-55°C → +125°C

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